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Posted by : Surya Putra 2013-09-20

The Arlong Pirates

Crew members: Arlong, Hachi, Chu, Kuroobi
Bounties: Arlong 20,000,000
First appearances: Chapter 78

The Arlong Pirates, led by the cruel and cold Captain Arlong himself, are probably the most powerful crew the Straw-hats meet in all of East Blue. They are all species of fishmen, and consider themselves better than humans, and are certainly more powerful. Arlong was only promoted to Captain when the previous Captain, Jimbei, was made a Shichibukai in the Grand Line. Arlong and his crew travelled to East Blue and took over an island, forcing the residents of the island to pay tax simply in order to live. Bellemare, who could only pay for her two adopted daughters Nami and Nojiko, was killed as an example to the rest of the island. Seeing Namis skill at map-making, Arlong made her a member of the crew in order to use her to his advantage. He made a deal with he that if she could raise 100 million berries, he would free the people of her island. And so, Arlong named set up his headquarters, Arlong Park, and Nami set out to raise 100 million berries. The crews reign finally comes to an end when Luffy and the Straw-hats come to Namis aid. The formidable members of Arlongs crew include; Hachi, a swordsman practicing rokutoryu, six-sword style with the help of his extra fish-man limbs; Kuroobi, a stern fish-man and martial artist; Chu, a fish-man capable of spitting water out of his mouth at high speed like bullets. Along with Arlongs own immense strength and abilities, the Arlong Pirates take on the Straw-hats individually in one-on-one fights. Luckily, Zoros 3-sword style helps defeat Hachi; Sanjis powerful kicks eventually outmatch Kuroobis fish-man karate; and even the cowardly Usopp exhausts Chu and puts his Usopp-hammer to good use. Luffy and Arlongs dramatic battle sees Arlong putting all of his natural fish-man attacks to their full use. Using his sharp teeth as handheld weapons, and his razor sharp nose, he puts Luffy at a natural disadvantage against sharp pointed objects. However, Luffys Gomu Gomu no Ono eventually proves victorious, not only defeating the fish-man captain, but freeing Namis village from Arlongs ruthless clutches.

The Blackbeard Pirates

Crew members: Blackbeard (Marshall D. Teach), Van Auger, Jesus Burgess, Doc Q, Lafitte: Unknown.
First appearances- Chapter 222 (Van Auger, Jesus Burgess), Chapter 223 (Doc Q, Marshall), Chapter 234 (Lafitte)

Despite having a mere 5 members, the Blackbeard Pirates are definitely one of the most formidable crews revealed in the story so far. The crewmembers are individually revealed in small intervals throughout the events in Jaya following the Alabasta arc. Luffy first encounters Blackbeard in a Tavern in Mocktown where the two are immediately hostile toward each other concerning the taverns food and drink. This cherry pie tastes so good Im gonna die! This cherry pie tastes so bad Im gonna die! After being humiliated by Bellamy and his crew, Blackbeard commends Luffy for refusing to fight and living by his dreams, but Luffy merely stares inscrutably at him before returning to his ship. Blackbeard, along with his crewmates all seem to have a shared affinity with ideas of not only dreams, but fate and destiny. They display their affinity sadistically, however: Van Auger, a master sharpshooter, is shown in Jaya shooting seagulls down far out at sea claiming That is just fate, its a result of your daily good and bad deeds. Jesus Burgess, a hulking wrestler of sorts, is seen trouncing random pirates in the streets simply to see if theyre strong enough to defeat him. Doc Q (ironically a very weak and sickly person) offers exploding apples to random passers-by to see who dies and who doesnt. Their twisted actions motivated by fate are menacing, and their large physiques and statures are intimidating. Blackbeard only becomes interested in Luffy when he learns of his newly-acquired 100 Million bounty. As it appears, Blackbeard and his crew have been slowly gaining power for bigger schemes. Blackbeard used to be a member of Whitebeards crew, but committed the worst crime- killing a crewmember. As a result, Flaming-Fist Ace of Whitebeards second division was dispatched to hunt Blackbeard down. Lafitte, the 5th member of Blackbeards crew, was a former policeman in West Blue, but was exiled for his violent ways. He infiltrates a conference with the Five Elder Stars and some of the Shichibukai, to discuss Crocodiles demotion and the events of Alabasta. Lafitte nominates his captain as a candidate for the available Shichibukai position. It seems that Blackbeard and his crew are determined to become all-powerful, to overthrow Whitebeard and claim the title of Pirate King for his own. Once Red-haired Shanks and Whitebeard eventually meet, Shanks warns Whitebeard that sending Ace to hunt him down was a mistake, and that Blackbeard is a force to be reckoned with, as it is he who gave Shanks the 3 scars over his left eye. Whitebeard dismisses these claims and the two draw swords. In the most recent chapters of the story, news reaches the Blackbeard pirates of the commotion at Enies Lobby, and after hearing of Luffys presence in Water7- and his now enormous 300 Million bounty- they decide to continue their hunt for him only to finally be confronted with Ace.

The Black Cat Pirates

Black Cat Pirate Crew
Flag: A cat version of the Jolly Roger.

Captain: Captain Kuro/Klahadore the Butler

Jango (Former First Mate)
Siam and Butchi (Lookouts)
Nugire Yainu (Shipwright)

Known Bounties: 
Captain Kuro (16,000,000 Beli)

Ship: A darkly coloured boat with a black cat figurehead. The Black Cat Pirates have a few strengths which makes them formidable by East Blue standards. Their captain is not only an amazing planner but one of the three people in the crew that have any fighting skills (the other two being Siam and Butchi). Jango also can use his hypnotism to make the crew think they have immense strength. Kuro used his shipwright to fake his own death three years before he met Luffy. The captain was tired of being a pirate and so created a plan that would not only leave him with an immense fortune, but also wipe out all his crew and links to his previous life. He posed as the butler for Kaya and her wealthy family on Cocoyashi Island. Three years later, the island would be raided by his crew and Jango would hypnotize Kaya into leaving Kuro her money. This plan was doomed to fail. Monkey D. luffy, Usopp and the Straw Hats revealed Kuros true identity, saved Kaya from certain death and beat Kuro in a duel.

The Buggy Pirates

Buggy Pirate Crew
Flag: A Jolly Roger with a red nose and a pair of black lines forming a cross across each eye socket.

Captain: Buggy the Clown

Mohji (First Mate)
Cabaji (Second Mate)
Queen Alvida
Richie the Lion

Known Bounties:
Buggy the Clown (15,000,000 Beli)
Queen Alvida (5,000,000 Beli)

Ship: Buggys ship is a fairly small vessel, with a trio of cannons fixed onto the figurehead. Upon first glance, it seems that Buggys Pirates are the weakest out of all of Luffys foes. Buggys bounty is lower than ArlongS, Kuros and Don Kriegs. But his crew has managed to survive on the Grand Line – a feat unmanaged by the other three. Both Alvida and Buggy have Devil Fruit abilities and Buggy himself was a cabin boy upon Gol D. Rogers ship. Furthermore each time that Buggy has been beaten it was due to flukes (i.e. his body parts being separated or being trapped by sea stone) rather than his own shortcomings in a fight. Buggy first meets Luffy in a small town where he terrorizes the locals with his Buggy Bomb. Luffy swiftly takes care of him and Buggy goes through a series of misadventures to get all his body parts together. He forges an alliance with Alvida and manages to trap Luffy in a guillotine in Loguetown. Buggy is struck by a bolt of thunder, which gives his foe and chance to escape. Buggy and his crew have been searching the Grand Line ever since, seeking revenge.

The Don Krieg Pirates

Don Krieg Pirate Crew
Flag: A Jolly Roger with closed eyes and a pair of hourglasses.

Captain: Pirate Admiral Don Krieg

Gin the Man-Demon (First Mate)
Pearl the Iron Wall (Second Mate)
Ideaman (Planner, Manga only)
Hustle (Combat Instructor, Manga only)
Kagikko (Locksmith, Manga Only)

Known Bounties:
Don Krieg (17,000,000 Beli)
Pearl (6,000,000 Beli)

Ship: Krieg once had an armada of 50 ships before he entered the Grand Line. They were all destroyed by Mihawk. Only his maiden ship survived. It was massive and in a bad state, with a black panther head on its figure head. Kriegs crew were the most feared in East Blue and seen as more of a threat by the World Government than Arlongs due to the militaristic nature of Kriegs pirates and how well equipped they were. The Armada boasts a crew of over 5,000 men but despite this strength, only one ship barely survived the Grand Line. Kriegs strength even pales in comparison to pirate crews within the other Four Blues as East Blue is seen as the weakest when it comes to the strength of its pirates. Krieg had a dream to conquer the Grand Line, a dream which Gin made sure hed carry out after his captains fatal encounter with Luffy at the Baratie.

The Foxy Pirates

Foxy Pirate Crew
Flag: Currently, the Foxy Pirates use a crudely drawn version of their first flag after Monkey D. Luffy toke their flag in a Davy Back Fight match. Their first flag was a variant of the Jolly Roger with Foxys nose, grin and a pair of ears.

Captain: Foxy ‘the Silver Fox

Big Pan
Masshiaku (Anime only)
Chiqicheetah (Anime only)
Juubei (Anime only)
Girarin (Anime only)
489 Foxy Pirates (Won in Davy Back Fight games)

Known Bounties:
Foxy ‘the Silver Fox (24,000,000 Beli)

Ship: The Sexy Foxy is a monster of a ship, large enough to host the Boxing Match portion of the Davy Back Fight. Its figure head is a white fox. At first glance, it may seem that Foxys crew is amazingly strong. They have the powerful Groggy Monsters within the crew, their numbers are impressive and until he was beaten by Monkey D. Luffy, Foxy had won 920 Davy Back Fights. However the crew normally cheat to win their games (like giving their crew weapons in the Groggy Ring) and Foxys natural cunning and tricks being their main strength. Foxy and his crew challenge the Straw Hats to a Davy Back Fight on Longring Longland, a contest consisting of three games. In each game, the winners may take a single crew member from the foe or take the others pirate flag. In the first three games, Luffy manages to lose Chopper in the Doughnut Race, take Chopper back after a win in the Groggy Ring and momentarily take 497 of 499 Foxy Pirates and Foxys flag in the final victory in the Boxy Match. The anime changes this slightly as a few filler episodes were inserted between the Groggy Ring and Boxing Match. The Straw Hats take back Tonijts horse after the Groggy Ring and the first three games end with a Roller Race (which Luffy wins and takes Chopper as a prize). Foxy then challenges Luffy to a further three games (Pirate Dodgeball, Red Light/Green Light and the Boxing Match). Luffy accepts as the previous games ‘were fun and loses Robin and Chopper in the first two games. The Boxing Match ends as in the manga. Foxy shows up once again before the Water 7 arc. A mutiny as happened on his ship and the Straw Hats agree to help their foe to stop it. Even though they saved his skin, Foxy still tries to beat Luffy and his crew with a series of traps within his ship.

Straw Hat Crew

Flag: A Jolly Roger wearing a straw hat. One prototype drawn by Usopp was a Jolly Roger with his trademark long nose and bandana.

Captain: Straw Hat Monkey D. Luffy

Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro (First Mate)
Burglar Cat Nami (Navigator)
Usopp/King of Snipers Usopp (Sniper/Lookout)
Black Leg Sanji (Chef)
Cotton Candy Lover Tony Tony Chopper (Doctor)
Demon Child Nico Robin (Archaeologist)
Cyborg Franky (Shipwright)

Known Bounties (as of the end of Enies Lobby):
Monkey D. Luffy (300,000,000 Beli) Roronoa Zoro (120,000,000 Beli)
Nami (16,000,000 Beli)
Usopp (Technically nothing but his alter ego Sogeking as a bounty of 30,000,000 Beli)
Sanji (77,000,000 Beli)
Tony Tony Chopper (50 Beli)
Nico Robin (80,000,000 Beli)
Franky (44,000,000 Beli)

Bounty Total: 667,000,050 Beli

Ships: From the end of the Captain Kuro Arc to the start of the Water 7 Arc, the Straw Hats rode the Going Merry. It was a small ship, with some room on top to grow tangerines. Since the end of the CP9 Arc, the Thousand Sunny has been their ship. It was built by Franky and the carpenters of Water 7. It is much larger than the Going Merry, with many improvements (i.e. smaller scouting craft, a larger kitchen a fish tank). Despite the crews small size and relative young age, they are amongst the strongest pirates in the first half of the Grand Line. They have defeated foes such as the strongest CP9 in history, Baroque Works, multiple pirate crews and even lived through the feared Buster Call. Each one has a dream they wish to accomplish and they refuse to die before seeing it come true. Unlike most pirate crews, they refuse to attack the weak and instead remain pirates for the sense of adventure. Monkey D. Luffy said that he wished to have a full ten man crew before entering the Grand Line. Even though he has nearly passed the half way line of the Grand Line, Luffy stills lacks this ten man crew. Its a safe bet to say that this will be the size of the crew before they reach Raftel, where Luffy hopes that his crew will be able to surpass that of his rival and mentor, Red Haired Shanks. Out of all the positions on the ship, Luffy has always wanted a musician as pirates love music. The other Straw Hats ignore calls for such a crew member and until recently, the captains search for a musician has proved fruitless. At the beginning of the Thriller Bark Arc a possible candidate for this musician has been revealed – Brook the Gentleman Skeleton. He accepted Luffys offer but vanished soon after. Many fans keep their fingers crossed that hell join the crew soon.

The Red-Hair Pirates

(Known) Crew members: Red-haired Shanks, Benn Beckman, Lucky Roux, Yassop, Rockstar
(Known) Bounties: Rockstar 94,000,000 beli
First appearances: Chapter 1 (Shanks, Beckman, Roux, Yassop), Chapter 234 (Rockstar)

The Red-Haired Pirates are the first pirate crew Luffy meets in the series when they dock at his hometown. An extremely friendly bunch of pirates, they are seen partying and drinking and generally having a good time. This fun-loving and adventurous attitude the crew have, along with the captaincy of Red-haired Shanks is what ultimately inspires Luffy to start his own pirate crew. Luffy is heavily influenced by Shanks ideals of friendship and his easygoing outlook, and this can be seen in his actions later in the series. The crew themselves are thought to be extremely powerful, as Shanks is one of the Yonkou, four Captains of pirate crews who rule the second half of Grand Line like emperors. Their newest and least known member, Rockstar, has a bounty of 94,000,000 beli, which must say something about the older members of the crew and Shanks himself. Other crewmembers include Usopps father, Yassop, a master sniper and sharpshooter. His membership in Shanks crew also provides Usopp with a source of inspiration to be a pirate, much like Shanks to Luffy. Benn Beckman is thought to be Shanks first mate, and also uses a rifle. In the little appearances he has had, he is very rational and wise, as well as loyal to his captain. One other recurring member in the Red-haired Shanks Crew is Lucky Roux, a fat man usually seen eating something. The history of the Red-Haired Pirate Crew lies in Shanks past. Shanks was a trainee of Gold Roger along with Buggy the clown, and the two often fought and argued. Shanks dreamed of starting his own crew and having lots of adventures because of the inspiration of Gold Roger, much like the impact Shanks had on Luffy. Shanks had since become an accomplished swordsman, said to have been on an equal level of skill as Mihawk, as the two apparently sparred regularly when they were younger. Sadly, Shanks lost his arm to save Luffy out at sea, and Mihawk has since lost interest in his abilities. In the Red-Haired Pirates most recent appearance, they had made contact with Whitebeards crew (another of the Yonkou) and Shanks made negotiations with Whitebeard concerning Blackbeard and Ace. The negotiations broke down however, and Shanks and Whitebeard clashed swords. This clash parted the skies, a testament to the immense power of the two captains.

The Wapol Pirates

Wapol Pirate Crew
Flag: A Jolly Roger with a crown and large, iron mouth.

Captain: Tin-Plate Wapol, King of Drum Island

Chess (Lookout/Head of Staff)
Kuromarimo (Magistrate)
The Isshi Twenty (Doctors)
Wapols Private Bodyguard

Known Bounties:

Ship: The Bilking. It is a giant submarine that allows people to effectively stand on water. The figure head is a crowned hippo. This crew isnt a proper pirate crew. They formed after Wapol and his cabinet of ministers fled from Drum Island after Blackbeard attacked his kingdom. Wapol and his men simply lost their way home and turned to piracy. Because of this, the Wapol Pirates arent overly strong but they did manage to take over an entire island with little trouble. Before he fled, Wapol demanded that all the doctors of the Kingdom of Drum (aside from his Isshi Twenty) were to leave his kingdom. All but Hiruluk and Kureha did so. Wapol tried to trap them by saying his doctors were ill. This would in turn allow him to kill them. Hiruluk was already about to die and didnt see any harm in going to help. Upon his arrival, he saw that he was about to be shot and toke his own life. The Straw Hats meet Wapol when Nami was awfully sick. Wapol tries to eat the ship but gets smacked across the horizon by Luffy. The two meet again outside Dr Kurehas castle, where Wapol tries to claim his throne back. Unfortunately for Wapol, he gets stuck on the end of a Gomu Gomu No Bazooka and his crew disband.

The Whitebeard Pirates

Whitebeard Pirate Crew
Flag: A Jolly Roger with a white moustache, mounted on a cross.

Captain: ÃƒÂ¢Ã¢â€šÂ¬Ã‹Å“Whitebeard Edward Newgate

Marco (1st Division Commander)
Portgas D. Ace/Fire Fist Ace (2nd Division Commander)
Josh (3rd Division Commander)
Sachi (Former 4th Division Commander, killed by Blackbeard)
‘Blackbeard Marshall D. Teach (Former 2nd Division Member, until he killed Sachi for the Yami Yami No Mi.)

Known Bounties:

Ship: Whitebeards personal ship looks like a normal ship with an increased deck to fit Whitebeard himself onto it and a whale for a figure head. Whitebeards crew is extremely powerful in the second half of the Grand Line, known as the New World. Whitebeard reigns as a Yonkou and due to how he values each one of his crew like a son, no one would even dare to encourage his wrath. The Second Division Commander (Ace) helped his brother in Alabasta by handing him a note telling him to meet with him, before he blew up several Baroque Works ships. Ace is hell bent on hunting down Blackbeard who angered his idol and captain. When Ace tracks him down, the pair clash with a large ball of fire smashing into a black hole. The outcome of the fight is, as of yet unknown. Whitebeard himself ripped up a letter from Shanks, telling the messenger that Shanks should meet him in person with a good bottle of wine. The discussion between the two Yonkou break down and result in the drawing of weapons, where Shanks and Whitebeard manage to break the very sky in two.

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